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Before performing the visualization, collages with conceptual design ideas for the future interior are developed. Visualization can be performed in the form of graphic sketches or in the form of computer 3D graphics. Usually it is 2-3 angles of each room.

Working drawings

After the agreed visualization, it is time to develop working drawings, which will be used in process. Basic package of working drawings are: 1. Measuring plan. 2. Redevelopment plan 3. Furniture layout plan 4. Ceiling plan. 5. Plan of the location of lighting and switches. 6. The plan of an arrangement of sockets 7. The plan of arrangement of a floor. 8. Plan of arrangement of sanitary appliances 9. Layout of a tile 10 knots and details. If it's necessary, the project is supplemented by individual drawings for contractors.

Project support

Visiting the facility at least once a week during working hours. Solving of all urgent issues with the general contractor. Recommendations for choosing a contractor for a particular job. Monitoring the implementation of the project. Selection of materials and visits together with the Customer to decoration, furniture, lighting salons, etc. Supply control.


Price & payment

The price of the interior design project is - 30 USD / sq.m (the design of a private house, the cost of the project is calculated individually). An advance of 30% of the total cost of the project is issued after the approval of redevelopment, the next payment of 50% - after approval of the visualization, the rest - upon receipt of the album in 3 copies.

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